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The Lakers start two 34-year losing streak not seen Nash back injury is probably a good thing

Morning Evening News, a dime a day Pinlelaoming Bryant scored 30 points, Howard free throws 15 of 19 shots, harvesting 33 points, 14 rebounds large double-double, but the Lakers still down in the second opponent in front of the new season . Yesterday, the Lakers lost to the Portland Trail Blazers away to 106:116 suffered two straight regular season, count the preseason, the Lakers have 10 games have not tasted the taste of victory in the match, as many turnovers Lakers 24; compared against the Mavericks, the team has been a lot of progress, but create such ugly data, the Lakers still look like asics gel excel 33 damskie a team without any run-a turning point in the game occurred in the second quarter Late, after a collision with Nash Blazers rookie Lillard occur injury leave; former state of the game even better than the last game, but the frustration encountered a sudden, only out of the race. Nash is not in the court, the Lakers mistakes like water in general; while his exit, so the team has become more like a headless flies, the Lakers lose will lose a game is not asics gel kayano 18 damskie inevitable terrible, Nash’s injury is the Lakers worst fears. After the game, the team doctor that he left knee is not right, he also expressed a desire to come back the next game, but for 38-year-old veteran who want to fully recover in the short term, is clearly not practical, the Lakers Nash does not seem to do the array of prepared but Nash missed for the Lakers down is not necessarily a bad thing. Yesterday after the game, Bryant angrily fury team: I feel very unhappy, we need a sense of urgency. It seems from the past, Bryant finished the fire is likely to restore the eat food alone nature labors Lakers continue to move forward . Nash is not in front, Bryant can get more opportunities to attack the ball, when the Lakers victory may come early next game, the Lakers will face city rivals the Clippers, since 1978 up to now, the Lakers have not appeared start three-game losing streak, and now they have reached the most dangerous moment. (Reporter transnatured Hill)

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