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Messi Barca into three major scorer in team history to him to break the record of God

Phoenix Ticker March 17 morning, Barcelona home 70 rout of Osasuna. Messi has become the most dazzling star field, not only because he completed a hat-trick again, but also because after these three goals, Messi 371 goals over the Alcantara became the history of Barcelona top scorer. And the game to complete a hat-trick of this is done on behalf of Barcelona Messi asics gel noosa tri 8 damskie first 25 hat-trick, which a short time is difficult to believe asics gel excel 33 damskie that the record was broken. Recommended reading: Messi: a very proud team history the first shooter to full competitiveness in the national derby Although at the beginning of the season Messi Messi injury suffered invasion, was depressed state media have questioned the fans, but gradually recovered its best with his actions prove that he is the best footballer in the world . Macy’s three goals and two from the field grab points, while the second goal is to fully reflects his unmatched technological capabilities, starting from the penalty area line, breaking three defenders, the ball to Iraq Nie Sita, followed by Iniesta pass two defenders and goalkeepers face decisive kicker, the ball bang into the goal vigorously upper corner. The whole process go, even over three and a tacit understanding with Iniesta two had a match is staggering. It is also a goal, so that the number of goals in Barcelona’s Messi reached 370, allowing him the official summit, sit on the throne alone, the top scorer in the history of Barcelona.

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