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Lillard back-lore

The game, Lillard 23 shot 11, scored a game-high 36 points and added 10 assists and eight rebounds. Usually two teams battle to 116, Lillard third of lore in the final seconds to send, so Knight sudden death. It is hard to imagine that just two days ago, Lillard was in Detroit lore led the Blazers to asics gel noosa tri 8 damskie a record overtime win over the Pistons, that game he scored 23 points, without having to explain everything in Lillard mastery. Blazers coach Scott its praises, Knights guard Waiters think the second consecutive road lore unthinkable, It’s too cold-blooded! in a humming, Lillard is very cool, silent hugs and congratulations to greet his teammates Lillard only sophomore, but he is one of the key goals of the surest players. So far this season, Lillard shot at the crucial moment a total of 29 times, hit 15 balls, hit rate of 51.7%. asics gel nimbus 14 męskie (Note: NBA defines a critical moment for the game five minutes left in the fourth quarter or overtime, the points difference between the two sides in less than five minutes, including 5 points) and in this season, critical moment of at least 25 shots times players, Lillard hit rate is the highest. Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Ge Yuanyuan and Zheng Li

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