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Jeremy Lin cut playoff career high score 2 rocket pioneer wins

Phoenix Ticker May 1, NBA playoffs continue. Big score 1 to 3 behind the rocket back home, continue to face the Blazers. Eventually, they withstood the pressure at home, compared to 98 victory over the Trail Blazers 108, will catch up with the series big score 2 to 3, will continue to keep the suspense game. Click here to view the game Record Data, Howard got a team-high 22 points and 14 rebounds, and reserve Jeremy Lin got a career playoff-high 21 points, Parsons had 20 points, although only 16 points Harden recorded, but Finally, the key to his performance, the key to the Rockets win. Blazers, Matthews hit five 3-pointers, scored a game-high 27 points, Lillard scored 26 points, LaMarcus Aldridge audience only 3 of 12 shots to get 8 points. Pioneer status fiery rocket reversed situation Beginning of the game, the asics gel saga męskie two sides quickly enter the state, the rocket here, Howard, Beverly and Harden successive attack succeeded, the Blazers Lillard, Lopez and Batum also always bring the ball into the basket. Section 8 minutes 30 seconds, the two sides battle became 9 to 9 level. But when you hit the first section there are 4 minutes 39 seconds, Howard received his second foul, only to end up ahead of the rest. But outside the rocket began to live up to expectations. The first section there are 3 minutes 58 seconds, Parsons back dunk, catch the score 21 level, followed by Jeremy Lin steals, assists Parsons hit third, the Rockets go-ahead score to 24 than 21. Such a gap has been maintained to the end of the first quarter, leading the Rockets to 30 than 27. Howard early end rocket expand the Section II started, the Rockets played the lead in the climax of a wave of attacks, Jones came off the bench in consecutive basket succeeded, Harden and Daniels also suffered manufacture fouls and free throws. Section 9 minutes and 41 seconds, Daniels hit the third, the Rockets made a big score 41 to 27 lead. But the game followed a turning point, when Howard turned to hug people in the attack, was whistled for an offensive foul. Toting three fouls, he can only be the next break. This gives the opportunity to pioneer chase points, Aldridge started scoring, plus Matthews third, the Blazers hit a wave of anti-7 to 0, catching score. But the Rockets still have some strength outside, Lin and Harden perimeter fire succession, the second and 43 seconds, and Jeremy Lin hit the third, Rockets 10 points ahead, but Lillard then also a vote, so that the pioneers behind 8 minutes into the second half. Blazers hot pursuit score, leading the Rockets to keep The second half up, the Blazers will to attack. Lopez and Matthews scored four points, the difference will catch up only 4 points, then the first half did not how to play Howard began to get angry, he continuous use in the paint pace and height advantage, singles succeed. The third quarter and nine minutes 04 seconds, Howard hook shot, the Rockets to 62 than 52 big lead. Blazers Matthews then scored two-thirds, again catching the score. Critical moment, or Howard stood out. Section 2 minutes and 49 seconds, he fouled twice manufacture within 8 seconds, which also includes a flagrant foul Lopez, and his four free throws three balls, expand the advantage again. But Batum and Matthews dropped three consecutive three-pointers, was to catch the score 77 than 79, but Jeremy Lin hit a 21, the Rockets took advantage of 82 over 77 into the fourth quarter. Harden critical moment wake up, rocket seal the victory After the beginning of the fourth quarter, Howard one up on the basket hook shot, then hit the third Parsons. At this point turn the Blazers Lopez stood out, he twice storm foul, free throw catching score. But given Lin immediately respond after two consecutive hit a jumper, the Rockets once again leading by 9 points. But after the Blazers suspended play wave surge, Batum scored four points, but also assists Lopez dunk, allowing the Blazers nike free 5.0 męskie in 8 minutes 06 seconds before the whistle catch 88 than 91. After a pause back, Lillard began to get angry, he first caused Beverly foul, hit two free throws, the difference will catch only 1 point. Free throws and tipped in Parsons will be widened to four timeshare again, Lillard also caused Asik fouls, free throws again catching the score in the competition for offensive rebounds. Harden finally succeeded on anti-basket, Lillard also layup immediately fired back, the points difference is still 2 points. At this point, Harden finally sleeping a shooting, he hit 3 minutes and 15 seconds the first third of the audience before the whistle, the Rockets lead to 5 points. Not in Portland after several attacks, Jones again in the basket tipped succeeded, the Rockets ahead by 7 points. The Blazers two consecutive attacks, have suffered a rocket cover, Harden twice on the offensive end and fouls and free throws before the final 1 minute 05 seconds, more than 98 107 rockets have been leading pioneers seeing hopeless , replaced the main rocket seal the victory. .

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