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Funny Classic ad Encyclopedia

(2) security, since a set from: Condom 3 is probably the world’s best beers from: Carlsberg . 4 NEW BEIJING, GREAT OLYMPIC From: Beijing Olympics 5 wearing natural From: Baleno 6 world asics gel noosa tri 7 męskie without strangers from: Giordano 7 chat hands are not moving mouth from: Nokia 3310 8 There is asics gel saga męskie a wine is used to pass from left: eighteen Wine Shop 9 The Union: early evening to come sooner or later, come in. Second line: how much to eat eat eat less Streamer: Come eat from: advertising slogan shop 10 time do not buy your fault, my fault, do not buy the second from: fruit stand on 11 cooking wine Heroes wit to win the world by: wit Men 12 men should have their voices heard by: Alcatel phones 13 As far Zhi times in recent Netsky soar easily face either you handle it from: China Telecom Series 14 sow an action, you will reap a habit; sow a habit, you will reap a character; sow a character, you will reap a destiny by: William James? 15. Macro, Le million. From: Macro appliances 16 How many South motorcycles, there are many touching stories. From: Southern Motor 17. Happily go to work, come home safely. From: PSAs Yan dance, Yan dance, a song to a situation. From: Yan dance recorders 18. Master Kong instant noodles, tasty visible. From: Master 19 Do not be too chic! From: Shanshan suit 20 Let one hundred million people get wise up. From: Giant Brain Gold 21. Creating a beautiful future, spend the beauty of life. From: Midea 22 provincial, ministerial, Ge? From: Shuanghui ham 23. Confucian drink wine feast, do the world article. From: Confucian wine feast 24 Health achievements in the future. From: Neptune 25. Teeth well, like appetite, body Bel bar, Eat Well Well incense. From: sky six will rule.

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